Basement excavation projects can be complicated tasks. Therefore, it’s important to work with a professional who understands the need for high-quality work on your home project. If the walls of your basement are cracking or you have noticed leaks in your basement, then it’s time to call Renew Basement Foundation LLC. We’re known for our lasting, quality solutions to foundation structural issues and will provide a comprehensive approach to repair your basement.

What is Basement Excavation?

The word “excavation” may sound intimidating, but it’s a crucial step in ensuring the stability of your home’s foundation and basement. The basement excavation process requires removing dirt from around the exterior walls of the basement to expose the full length of the walls. This gives us access to the basement walls to restore and repair any damage. Generally speaking, this type of project may need to be completed if:

  • The foundation has been damaged.
  • The walls are in poor condition.
  • The basement needs to be waterproofed.

Are There Different Types of Excavations?

Various building sites may require more or less excavation. Therefore, the techniques that contractors use to excavate the site will vary. Some of the most common excavation techniques include:

  • Horizontal Excavation: Typically done in smaller buildings and those that don’t have basements.
  • Vertical Excavation: As the most common technique used, vertical excavation is necessary when space and access to the site are limited. This may be used in densely populated urban areas or when performing deep excavations for large structures.
  • Hybrid Excavation: This technique utilizes both horizontal and vertical excavation techniques in large sites that require extensive excavation.
  • Vacuum Excavation: Suction is used to remove soil and debris. In general, this technique is considered the safest method in dense urban areas.

Contact a Milwaukee Excavation Professional

Excavation is an essential part of the construction process. A good Milwaukee basement contractor like Renew Basement Foundation LLC will utilize several methods to make repairs to the exterior walls of the basement. When you partner with us, we work hard until the job is finished and you are completely satisfied. Contact us today to receive your free estimate.

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